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Years of experience in this market combined with a high level of technical knowhow have resulted in reliable and durable high quality systems, designed by our own Research & Development department. Exalto makes complete wiper systems including motor, arms, blades, controls and washing systems for all kind of vessels in the commercial as well as the leisure market.

We produce wipers especially for the marine industry. The marine environment is fairly hostile to the materials wipers are made of. That is why you will only find top quality materials in our wiper systems. Stainless steel, naval brass, high grade rubber, everything tested thoroughly for use in marine applications.

In our own wiper workshop, our people work on wipers every day, all day. We have a wealth of experience and craftsmanship under our own roof. Together with the state-of-the-art tools and materials we work with, we have the perfect conditions to produce the best performing system for your application. We make sure you will get the very best system available today!

We offer very short lead times, which is a big advantage in shipbuilding. Our wiper specialists can provide a comprehensive advice to ensure the system works accurately and to your wishes. Should problems occur, it is always our main priority to solve it quickly and accurately. We produce wipers, we supply the best wipers in our field of expertise, we are fast in supplying you with the best and there is not a wiper need we cannot fulfil. All this combined makes Exalto the true wiper expert we claim to be.

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