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Underneath you will find an update following the press conference of 13 August this year and what this means for Maritime Industry. At the moment, trade shows are allowed from the government and the first trade shows will also start in the coming period. Trade shows until September 20 applies that they continue with some additional measures, as social distancing and a maximum capacity of 1 visitor per 5 m2. Furthermore, Easyfairs has decided to carry out the covid-19 check at the entrance as an extra measure in order to set up a trade show as safely as possible. After the following press conference who is planned for September 17, we will come with a new update where we hope for the relaxations already announced that are planned for September 20th.

Indeed, the government makes a distinction between trade shows and events. The reason here for is that trade shows are held in a transfer location. For a transfer location, where the public is only a short time in the same area and no fixed seated, there is an exception. Until September 19, a visitor standard applies for these events (including trade shows) 1 visitor per 5m2 (with a mutual distance of 1,5 meters).

That is not definitively known currently. This will be announced in the next press conference scheduled for September 17.

In the last press conference, the government indicated that it plans to stop the 1,5 meters distance from September 20th. That also applies for trade shows. Whether this step will actually be taken will be announced in the press conference on September 17.

In the press conference of August 13 last year, the government announced that from September 20 a covid-19 entry ticket applies by activities with 75 visitors or more. Whether this will actually apply will become clear from the press conference on September 17th. That is also the moment we can say more about it. For our trade shows till September 20 we will do a covid-19 check trough the covid-19 entry access. We do this to create an even safer environment for our visitors, exhibitors and our own employees.

You will get a covid-19 entry ticket with a full covid-19 vaccination, two weeks after your last vaccination. A valid recovery certificate or a negative test result of up to 24 hours. Self tests are not allowed, only PCR or antigen tests are valid.

If according to the press conference of September 17 this actually will be implemented, then we will do the check by entering the trading floor. How this check eventually will look like and where you need to think of to get access to the show, we will announce that if necessary after the press conference of September 17th.

At this moment the covid-19 check will not apply for the building and dismantle days. Could be apparent from the press conference of September 17 that these guidelines are being adjusted. Then we will follow them.


Wearing a mouth mask is not required anymore, but we will provide free mouth masks to the one who will find it comfortable to wear it. On the trade show there will also be places several sanitizer stations so you can disinfect your hands as desired. Furthermore will it be possible to disinfect your hands at every stand. In addition, we have further optimized our air treatment systems in the last period. This will help to limit the transmission of respiratory infections such as covid-19. In addition, there is now an even healthier and more pleasant indoor climate in our exhibition halls.  In the stands, the exhibitors are responsible for implementing the measures force at that time. Additional facilities such as mudguards can be ordered trough our Event Services department.

The role of trade shows and events is very important in many ways. There are several sectors in the Netherlands that have experienced the negative consequences of the corona pandemic. The Dutch government therefore sees trade shows as the drivers of the recovery of the economy. This is where supply and demand come together and tomorrow’s innovations are presented and were Dutch business meets. There are industries that realize up to 40% of their annual turnover on events. A trade show is also important for other service providers, such as stand builders. The local and regional economy also benefits when a trade show or event takes place, such as hotels, taxis, etc.

Until the Dutch government decides otherwise, Easyfairs Netherlands opts for option 2 for all its trade shows and events. This means that when step 4 is still in effect, the CoronaCheck is still active. This allows our trade shows and events to continue as usual. It means: with 100% of the visitor capacity and without face caps, 1,5 meters distance and so on. Our decision is supported by, among others, the local authorities with whom we are in close contact.

Recently, we have conducted a large-scale survey among visitors to trade shows taking place this autumn. In total, more than 6,000 respondents took part. This showed that 90% of the visitors plan to visit trade shows again this autumn.

Initially, we follow the measures from the government. In any case, we have further optimized our air treatment systems in the past period. This also helps limit the transmission of respiratory infections, such as COVID-19. In addition, there is now an even healthier and more pleasant indoor climate in our exhibition halls.

Easyfairs Netherlands follows the measures taken by the government.

Yes, there is catering at our trade shows and events. We also follow the advice of the Dutch government with this subject.

No, in case of cancellation by the customer, the cancellation conditions as included in the relevant agreement apply. If Easyfairs is not allowed to organize the trade show due to a force majeure situation, Easyfairs will examine on a case-by-case basis whether the relevant event can be moved to a new date.

The best way to stay informed is through our social media channels. We update our covid-19 page regularly, so you can stay informed about the latest developments.

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