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Diesel is our passion! We are the specialist in Cummins. We deal with Cummins engines, parts and Cummins components. We carry a large stock of genuine Cummins parts and have all the in house facilities to rebuild injectors, fuel pumps, cylinder heads, water pumps and turbo’s. In our warehouse we almost have all models of Cummins engines, new, recon and used. Besides Cummins we are the exclusive distributor of the famous D-I Industrial (formerly Dong-I) marine transmissions. The D-I Industrial marine transmissions are manufactured since 1990 in South Korea where they incur for years in terms of technique and skills. The factory in South Korea has high technology and extensive manufacturing capabilities. In Asia, D-I Industrial is the marketleader in this field. Originally, the products were developed for commercial use, but they are also well be used in boating. The brand has proven to be indestructible and above all very reliable. And this combined with the very attractive price makes this the perfect solution behind each engine. The D-I Industrial marine transmissions can be delivered for engines from 50 horsepower of up to 1,600 PK in different reductions.

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