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Rubber Design – vibration and noise control

Rubber Design is an international leading specialist when it comes to offering solutions for vibration, noise and shock related problems, as well as turn-key custom-built propulsion system solutions.
Rubber Design is your reliable partner for vibration and noise solutions in both maritime and industrial applications. For example, our engine mountings are used by many engine manufacturers for the flexible support of main and auxiliary engines and generator sets to reduce structure borne noise.

Rubber Design does not only offer suitable products, but also supports you with the complete design for the flexible system. By locating the correct elements on the right location in the system, the maximum reduction of noise and vibrations can be obtained. Also the reaction forces will be reduce to a minimum. We offer a solution which will match your need.

All disciplines under one roof Due to unique alliance with the specialized production & engineering company Biezepol, Rubber Design is able to offer the customer a complete product. Apart from designing, engineering and manufacturing, Rubber Design also tests products in a special dedicated Test-LAB.

Our technical expertise, creativity and problem solving capability together with the high level of service makes Rubber Design well known throughout the industry.

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