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Sip Marine is an innovative company in development and delivery of ship propellers. By using specific knowledge, in house developed software and modern techniques such as CFD, excellent results are achieved.

Sip Marine develops and manufactures high-end propellers and propulsion systems for mega yachts, inland vessels, high speed vessels, fishing vessels and workboats. Here the latest techniques and design tools, like SIPPROP: developed by ourselves, and FineTM/Marine CFD. We take into account all relevant appendages and all surfaces in contact with water and near water: all items that interact with wind and water. Therefore we can accurately visualise, research and optimise our propellers, as well as the hull and appendages for you.

At Sip Marine we want to be more than just a propeller supplier. Our goal is to be a partner for our customers. This goes from project based consultancy to an integrated process of consultancy, design and delivery of propellers and nozzles. We are even able to develop hulls. We want continuous improvement of ourselves. One does not become world leader without effort and achievement.

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