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Good and comfortable visibility is essential for safety on the waterways and open seas. The AlphaCam AHD camera line is a complete line of different cameras which all offer Full HD (1080p) image. The line consists of fixed focus cameras, zoom- and dome cameras for the maritime environment onboard ships, reassuring the safety of crew, passengers and cargo. Several interfaces are developed to control the zoom and dome cameras and the robust and durable design ensures many years of problem free operation.

• Blind spot vision
• Gangway security
• Engine room monitoring
• Deck surveillance
• Sail monitoring
• Aft deck monitoring
• Rear vision
• Land based security

Each and every vessel has different camera needs and the AlphaCam AHD line allows for a very flexible configurable system, far beyond the typical requirements. In many situations these cameras can replace the existing on board CCTV system without the need for new cabling as the remote control- and video signal of the zoom and dome PTZ camera is transmitted over the coax cable. Naturally besides the cameras, our solution includes full (select, switch and control) interfacing capability, joysticks and push buttons to operate the CCTV environment onboard


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