STAUFF Form Tube Forming System


In technical terms, the DIN couplings in combination with the Stauff-Form system are the most reliable and safe solution.
This connection does not consist of loose components that can come loose from the tube, the Form system creates a raised edge from the material of the tube which fully secures the standard nut.
The Stauff ring also comes standard with a Viton seal for both an elastic and steel-to-steel connection.
The elastic seal is completely enclosed in the 24 ° cone, the steel part of the ring is sealed on the flat side of the coupling. (See image for clarification)
In addition, the machine is suitable for both steel and stainless steel connections.

More information about this system and the machine can be found in the attachments and the video in the link. In addition, you can always contact us via 088-4040500 or



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