VaarKracht- Charity


When your life isn’t smooth forward for a moment….
One out of three Dutch people face cancer in life. The storm after facing this message is heavy. Very heavy. Just because of this, it is a relief that moments exist without the feeling of being a cancer patient for one moment.

Exactly this is the message from our foundation VaarKracht.
Experience the fresh air out on the water and feeling the wind blow during a boat trip with family and caregivers.
Just a different surrounding and a new perspective.

Private or in a boat trip with a group of people.
Thanks to the skippers who provide availability with their ships.
And to the sponsors who take care of the costs.

This is why we call every participant at the Maritime Industry Event.
Help us with a boat trip for cancer patients.
This is possible from € 100 or support us in a way that fits you!

Flottila € 5.000
In planee € 2.500
Full speed € 1.000
Half speed € 500
Slowly forward € 250
Out on the water € 100

Your participation is pretty for the reputation of your company and also for all the people who don’t feel like a cancerpatient for a moment, thanks to your financial contribution.

For sponsoring and an invoice please send us an email:

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