Your Donation will be used for realising Group BoatTours in 2020


The Group BoatTours are free for our guests, but free doesn’t mean without costs for VaarKracht. We can build a financial base every winter through financial support from Maritime businesses. With this support we can make reservations at shipping- and charter companies and with catering businesses etc.

With this financial support we can offer the guarantee that Group BoatTrips can be realised. This means we can plan a schedule of Group BoatTrips the first months of 2020 to offer to guests.

We show you some Group BoatTrips that we wish to plan in our schedule. We are looking for financial support.

Location* Name ship Type ship Guests Budget**
Amsterdam Monne di Mare Salonboat 40 € 3.000
Rotterdam Eendracht Tall ship 85 € 9.000
Huizen Piet Hein Royal yacht 30 € 2.500
Enkhuizen Schuttevaer Sailingclipper 40 € 3.000
Dordrecht Veerdienst 3 Ferry 30 € 2.500
Zierikzee Nieuwe Maen Sailingclipper 20 € 2.000
Harlingen Josina Elisabeth Sailingclipper 30 € 3.000
Roermond Sluizer Cruiseship 80 € 6.000
Delfzijl Eem No1 Pilot ship 25 € 2.000
Lelystad Bounty VOC copy 50 € 3.500

* The locations can change in consultation. Equal or mentioned ships can sail from other harbours as well. We try to supply Group BoatTrips from all counties of the Netherlands; close to the living places of guests.
** The mentioned costprices in the budget are indicative, catering and VAT included.

We know after seven years of experience now the importance of blowing in the wind on the water.
In 2019 we experienced BoatTrips with around 1.700 guests; 240 Vessels served for VaarKracht. More than 900 people volunteered in cooperation with around 25 Harbour Teams. 44 Group BoatTours until now have taken place, as well as 39 Private BoatTours.


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