LOCOPIAS is on-board loading computer software. Derived from the PIAS ship design software, it uses the same proven technology to achieve optimum loading within the limits for strength, stability, draft, etc. This ensures maximum safety of the vessel, its on-board persons, and the environment.


• For its user-friendliness:
o Contains a number of dedicated GUI’s (Graphical User Interfaces) for distinct types of cargo or loads.
o Direct and continuous on-screen verification of compliance with limits for intact and damage stability, draft, shear forces, bending moments and torsion, grain heeling, and line of sight.
o Output in comprehensive or in full reports, on paper, screen, or to Microsoft Word.

• For its advanced computation method:
o Applies the direct calculation method (type 3 according to IACS Unified Requirement L5). So, it calculates all results directly from the 3D geometry of hull and compartment, for every combination of trim, heel and draft.
o Calculates tank volume and COG’s for actual heel and trim, directly from the 3D tank geometry rather than from pre-calculated tables. This ‘first principles approach’ makes the (over-)correction of free surface moments obsolete. For some ships this option allows larger drafts, hence more cargo.
o Damage stability computation not only for pre-defined (regulatory) damages, but just as well for a user-defined actual damage.
o Supports a wide variety of international (damage) stability criteria, including specific naval criteria DDS-079 and NES 109, as well as the loss-of-load criterion for heavy-lift crane vessels.



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