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Concordia Damen

CDS Dry Cargo 110

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Concordia Damen’s ‘CDS Dry Cargo 110’ inland waterway vessel allows skippers to sail longer at low tides and shallow water levels, a useful feat in the current climate.
The 110 x 11.45 m barges can transport more tonnage and sail faster with lower fuel consumption (hence, lower emissions) than comparable vessels due to their low resistance. This is not just a statement; it has been well-researched
Another advantage is their favourable air draught, enabling shipowners to sail under (especially German) bridges of only 4.30 m with a draft of 2.50 m.
The optimised hull shape is based on the shipyard’s already successful ‘Parsifal’ tanker design, which features low water resistance and future propulsion adaptability.
In a time when both large and small shipowners are looking to reduce at their (CO2) emissions, the relatively small footprint of the CDS Dry Cargo 110 is the perfect choice. Clients have publicly said that these were decisive elements in their choice for CDS 110 newbuild bulk carriers or container barges.

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