MP / MP Stainless Steel – Multi Purpose Anti-vibration Mount


MP / MP Stainless Steel – Multi Purpose Anti-vibration Mount

The multi purpose anti-vibration mounts (MP mountings) are designed for active isolation of vibrations. They can be used for various applications such as generator sets, pumps, compressors, cabins, containers etc
The key benefits of the multi purpose mounts are: easy to calculate and achieve an optimum result, no need for skilled engineers to install them and to conclude the MP mounts are maintenance free. Due to the compact standard range they can be delivered from the shelf

NEW !! : MP Stainless Steel

We offer these mountings in stainless steel 316L (material number 1.4404) for corrossive environments or for food and pharmaceutical purposes. The geometry of the stainless steel top offers protection to the natural rubber against oil and ozon.

On request, if the environment contains high levels of ozone, the rubber can be treated with a flexible coating to protect the rubber and also other rubber mixes . Also available polished.





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