Visitors and exhibitors are looking forward to Maritime Industry 2020

GORINCHEM – The trade show Maritime Industry, which takes place on October 13, 14 and 15, 2020, in Evenementenhal Gorinchem, is currently hard at work preparing for a successful edition in October. The focus lies on bringing the entire maritime sector together in a safe and responsible manner. Normally, the sector meets several times a month. The confidence and willingness to meet each other face-to-face is increasing, which is evident from the extensive survey among visitors of Maritime Industry.

The results of the survey among the visitors of Maritime Industry are extremely positive. “The survey had over 1.900 respondents of which 82% state that they will definitely visit Maritime Industry on the 13th, 14th or 15th of October. Merely 18% of the visitors indicate that, for the time being, they would not visit the trade show due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus. This is obviously a fantastic score and in combination with the support of over 350 exhibitors, it indicates that, despite the current situation, a successful edition in October lies ahead.”, explains Bianca van Grinsven on behalf of Maritime Industry.

The willingness to meet each other again and the confidence in the organization of Maritime Industry to organize this in a safe manner also emerged during in-depth interviews with visitors of Maritime Industry via phone. Van Grinsven: “The sector has not been able to meet each other for a long time now. During the conversations with visitors of Maritime Industry, it became clear that the trade show will play an important role in discovering the innovations within the sector, strengthening the visitors’ and exhibitors’ network, and broadening their knowledge. The trade show is both economically and personally of importance. Several skippers even stated missing the trade show in spring. Of course, we feel very supported by the positive feedback from the sector and will ensure that the network can come together in a safe manner on October 13, 14 and 15.”

The safety and wellbeing of all exhibitors, visitors and other involved parties is top priority. To ensure that Maritime Industry takes place in a responsible manner, multiple corona measures have been taken regarding hygiene and physical distance. “Normally, it is very busy at the entrance for the first two hours of every trade show day of Maritime Industry. We will work with intake times for arrival during these hours in order to ensure that sufficient physical distance can be maintained. The arrival of visitors will be spread, but there will be no end time connected to their visit. Meaning, there will be no time slots. Similar to previous years, visitors must register online prior to arriving on site. In addition, a health check will be conducted at the entrance”, says Van Grinsven.

Naturally, the 1,5 meters distance also has to be maintained whilst on the exhibition floor. The aisles, therefore, have been expanded to 3 or 4 meters and the entrance has been separated for the exit. Van Grinsven: “It is of importance that the atmosphere at the trade show is jovial and cozy, but also safe. During Maritime Industry, hostesses will walk around and point out to everyone to keep a 1,5 meter distance in a friendly manner. Exhibitors are asked to provide space in their stand so that it is possible to keep distance and alongside, Maritime Industry offers various materials in the webshop, such as Plexiglas, if desired.”

Besides keeping physical distance, hygiene is also highly important. The most touched surfaces will be disinfected regularly and disinfectant hand gel will be available on various places on the exhibition floor. Moreover, the Smart Badge will play a vital role by replacing shaking each other’s hands with exchanging information digitally via a simple scan. “Not only lies the focus on keeping physical distance and disinfecting, the ventilation of the exhibition hall is also very important. The ventilation systems in the exhibition hall, which were installed in the autumn of 2018, extract the air from the inside and blow fresh air from outside into the exhibition hall. With the agreement of the municipality of Gorinchem and the security region on the measures, we see no obstacles to achieving a safe exhibition visit. We are going full speed ahead!”, says van Grinsven.

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