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Naval Inland Navigation

Transport Liquids : Transportation of mineral oils and fuel oils from or to refineries or depots.

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As a charterer, we intervene in the drawing up of charter agreements for the transport of oil products on Western European inland waterways using the double-hulled vessels that the NAVAL fleet has to offer. Concluding transport contracts is also part of our core business. In addition, we offer bunker vessels with activity mainly in Vlissingen, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the port of Zeebrugge. We are ambitious and very enterprising. Our focus is on customers (being oil majors or ship owners) and safety/quality which we translate under the term NAutic VALue (NAVAL). Our team with more than 30 years of experience in inland shipping likes to work for and with the customer to offer solutions to any question. For example, we stand for a transparent, personal approach towards ship owners. A commercial agreement with the ship owner is drawn up on the basis of the needs, which are determined in a personal meeting. We therefore focus on a personal approach to the business. We are happy to build on the existing relationship of trust with our customers (ship owners, traders, oil companies).


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