Changing course

Transformation in the maritime sector

Current, relevant topics in the maritime sector are, among others, new emission requirements, the modal shift, staff shortage and digitalization. The future of the maritime sector is the point of focus during Maritime Industry 2020, both on the ground floor as the first floor ‘Next Level’. The overall theme of Maritime Industry is, therefore, ‘Changing course – transformation in the maritime branch’.

Pavilion of the future

The Pavilion of the future is new!
The Pavilion of the future, as the name indicates, focusses on the future of the maritime sector. Everything concerning the sustainability and safety within the maritime sector is presented here with exhibitors such as Smash Smart Shipping, Sendo Shipping, the Maritieme Academie and Koedood. The Pavilion of the future can be found on ‘Next Level’ and is organized in collaboration with Smash Smart Shipping (Rijkswaterstaat).

Focus on sustainability, innovations and safety within the maritime sector
Do you want to be kept up to date regarding the last developments of smart shipping? Visit Smash – the program of Smash Smart Shipping facilitates innovations concerning sustainability, autonomous shipping, and safety.
Are you interested in the beautiful innovations of the maritime sector? Sendo Shipping has won the title ‘KNVTS Ship of the Year 2019’ with their latest ship, the Sendo Liner. They are able to tell you a great amount about how to be innovative in the maritime sector.
Additionally, new mechanisms will also be shown here, such as the solar boat of Maritieme Academie.


Next level

Knowledge theatre

Would you like to obtain knowledge on the current affairs in the maritime sector, such as digitalization as well as regulations and legislations, and how you can ensure your company is prepared? Maritime Industry offers the possibility to obtain this knowledge during the seminars in the knowledge theatre!

The knowledge theatre can be visited free of charge by visitors of Maritime Industry. It is located near the Pavilion of the future. The theme ‘transformation in the maritime sector’ will also be presented during the seminar program. Experts in the maritime sector will deal with current affairs such as digitalization, new Stage V emission requirements, shortage on staff and the modal shift to inland shipping.

Click on the button below to view the seminar program of the knowledge theatre.

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