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Heatmaster Bv

Heatmaster Bv

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Heatmaster conceives, designs and produces thermal heating systems for marine and industrial applications.
We design heating systems for shipping and industry, utilizing heating media such as thermal oil, hot water and steam. Even for the most complex of heating requirements, we create robust system designs that stand out for their durability, reliability and high efficiency. Moreover, our heating systems are easy to control and read out, thanks to their user-friendly interfaces.
Because of this approach, Heatmaster have built their name as a specialist and innovator in their field. No wonder that Heatmaster’s heating systems are found all around the globe.
With the head office in the Port of Rotterdam, offices in Shanghai and Moscow and our own factory in Nantong, we can support you globally.
Our experts have an excellent understanding of the challenges you face, which enables us to always create a suitable solution for your needs.





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