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Our dry scrubber – RHTA development:
RHTA stands for Regenerative High Temperature Absorber and acts as a multi-functional (dry) scrubber for removing SOx, NOx and (most important) VOC’s (fine particles) from exhaust gas.

The unit is a combination of several processes with the following characteristics:
1. RTO – The unit consists of 2 limestone beds which are used for heat regeneration (as used in a conventional Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser).
2. DeSOx – SOx is converted in the unit into gypsum (with natural limestone via CaO (quicklime)) at an elevated temperature between 750-1000 degC.
3. DeNOx – NOx will be converted to N2 (with urea injection) without catalysts (SNCR).
4. VOC’s (soot, dust) will be oxidized due to the afterburning conditions in the limestone beds
5. The limestone / gypsum filled beds are acting as a silencer and replaces the conventional engine silencer.
6. An integrated economiser will recover the excess heat of the exhaust gas and replaces the conventional economiser of the thermal oil heating system of the vessel.
7. The RHTA unit can be used for more than 1 exhaust gas source (several engines and/or boilers can be connected to one RHTA).
8. The RHTA has a minimum of moving parts, low pressure drop and uses little energy.

The RHTA unit will replace the conventional wet scrubber, DeNOx, economiser, silencer and (future) soot filter equipment.


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